BBC Click: pureLiFi technology is the future


The BBC Click team visits pureLiFi Chief Science Office, Prof. Harald Haas. The team demonstrates the Li-Flame system on the show and discusses the future of LiFi.

View the episode here.

Nikola worked with major companies in the area of Li-Fi technology and commercialisation, leading the creation and cultivation of the Li-Fi ecosystem, marketing, sales and standrdization. His experience with T-Mobile and T-Home in Macedonia focused on mobile network deployment and analysis as well as database app development. Nikola worked for the UK-China Science Bridges project to successfully demonstrate the world’s first practical implementation of the Spatial Modulation MIMO concept. He received a BSc in electrical engineering and computer science and an MSc in communications, system and electronics, both from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. Nikola earned his PhD in digital communications and signal processing from the University of Edinburgh.
  1. tom-ldf@hotmail.com'
    Tomas Reply
    Good evening, I 'm trying to get information on how the bidirectional communication is generated in this type of technology. I understand that light flashes to generate the data and "lights" the receiver to generate the one side comunication. My questions is, how the receiver sends information? (How it generates the two-side comunication) Sorry for bad english :(
    • Nikola Serafimovski Reply
      All pureLiFi products are bidirectional. We use the same principle on the Infrared wavelengths to provide the uplink/reverse direction.
  2. membersy@gmail.com'
    Marek Reply
    Is there a way to buy Li-Fi for personal use not for a Company? Or it isn't produced for like personal usage? (For home not business)
    • Nikola Serafimovski Reply
      Unfortunately we are only working with strategic industry partners at this time. We hope you will be with us when we have a more mass-market product.
  3. samirsyed2007@yahoo.com'
    Samir Reply
    Hi sir, I would also like to buy the lifi products too? What are the steps to purchase it.thanks. Sincerely, Samir
    • Nikola Serafimovski Reply
      Similar to above, unfortunately we are only working with strategic industry partners at this time. We hope you will be with us when we have a more mass-market product.
  4. davfermegg@gmail.com'
    David Fernandez Mego Reply
    This new technology is really wonderfull. but I have a question. What happens if I use Li-Fi when bright light of the sun is stronger than the LED spotlight, there could have been any problem with the signal? could it interfere if they both combine? Sorry for this question. I need to know because I have just reading on this website and I didn't find anything about this. Thank you.
    • Nikola Serafimovski Reply
      In general, interference from ambient light (sun or other lights) is not a problem for our products. However, if there is significant ambient light, it is possible to saturate the receiver that prevents the products from working.
  5. maria_m_melendez@yahoo.com'
    Maria Melendez Reply
    Can I buy stock in the company? Is this company publicly traded? Maria Melendez
    • Nikola Serafimovski Reply
      Thank you very much for your interest. Unfortunately we are not yet publicly traded. However, if you send us some more information about your interest to info at purelifi dot com, then we might be able to proceed.
  6. Tammyschaefer@rogers.com'
    Tammy Reply
    This sounds brilliant!!! Just wondering when this will be available? Tired of slow speed wifi....

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