BT Defence looking to the future of wireless communications

BT Defence is an established and innovative provider of ICT infrastructure and solutions to UK military, intelligence and security customers.

BT actively seek out specialist resources and partners to work with to ensure that their customers have the benefit of the latest world class technology and innovation.

BT teamed up with pureLiFi to deploy LiFi in their Adastral Park Facilities a few miles from Ipswich. These facilities are home to approximately 3700 staff working on leading research and development.

Applications that support safer and more reliable wireless communications. 

The LiFi installation allowed for BT to test and prove unique use cases of LiFi for the defence sector. Applications such secure communications through light due to the intrinsically safe nature of containing light were established. Additional consideration was given to the ability to apply different security levels to individual lights or a group of lights allowing for very sophisticated geofencing.

LiFi-X Station by pureLiFi at BT Defense R&D Centre (Credit


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