Computerworld: That theory about LED lightbulbs transmitting data? It’s true. Li-Fi is here.

Yes, multiple tests have shown that LED lighting fixtures can transmit wireless data at very competitive high speeds. A commercial product started shipping several months ago.

What if every light bulb in the world could also transmit data?

In July 2011, Harald Haas, a professor of engineering at Edinburgh University,  poised that rhetorical question to a TED Global audience.

Li-Fi is here. pureLiFi shipped its first fully wireless optical networking systems in the fourth quarter of 2014. The product, Li-Flame, turns standard LED fixtures into wireless Internet access points. Just like the theory said it would.

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Nikola worked with major companies in the area of Li-Fi technology and commercialisation, leading the creation and cultivation of the Li-Fi ecosystem, marketing, sales and standrdization. His experience with T-Mobile and T-Home in Macedonia focused on mobile network deployment and analysis as well as database app development. Nikola worked for the UK-China Science Bridges project to successfully demonstrate the world’s first practical implementation of the Spatial Modulation MIMO concept. He received a BSc in electrical engineering and computer science and an MSc in communications, system and electronics, both from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. Nikola earned his PhD in digital communications and signal processing from the University of Edinburgh.

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