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Company Overview


pureLiFi is the world leader in Light Fidelity (LiFi) innovation and Visual Light Communication (VLC) systems. Our products provide pervasive high-speed wireless access that delivers significantly greater security, safety and data densities than Wi-Fi.

Those joining this pioneering team at pureLiFi will be part of creating our wireless future. LiFi will be the solution that delivers us unlimited bandwidth and unlimited data, powering our connectivity demands of the future.

Role Summary

This role requires the chosen candidate to understand the test requirements and devise the ensuing test strategy (Modular vs System Level/Positive vs Negative/Black Box etc.) as well as the corresponding automation strategy. You will work closely with the software lead in order to stay abreast of the state-of the art developments in the realm of automation tools/frameworks/methodologies/best-practices etc.



  • The ability to understand and expand on knowledge of technical features related to the wireless communications domain (802.11)

  • Work with system engineering and system architecture teams to develop a robust test roadmap (test planning, test documentation, test automation framework)

  • Work in conjunction with the existing software team to design and deploy automated test frameworks (testing system performance/stress/load/functionality/robustness etc.)

  • Work with the software team lead to keep abreast of the latest industry wide developments in software engineering (programming techniques, frameworks, methodologies, tools, etc.)

  • Report daily progress to the software team lead and work with him to streamline the automation roadmap.


Personal Specifications 


  • Previous Linux experience in at least two of the following:
    • Shell scripting
      • Some tk / expect knowledge
      • Some sed / awk / grep experience
    • GUI creation [Understanding of how to build and design GUI’s using both Web technologies (HTML, CSS) and desktop technologies (e.g. Gtk, Qt), as well as understanding of back-end development language (e.g. PHP, Java, Perl, Python)]
    • MySQL
      • Table creation
      • SQL queries
      • SQL updates
    • Good understanding of operating systems with special emphasis on embedded systems.
    • C understanding to help debug existing code or maintain the current code base
    • Programming EEPROM’s.
    • Debugging Tools (JTAG/Lauterbach, USB Protocol Analyzer, I2C/SPI Analyzer/PCI protocol test tools etc.).
    • Software unit and black box testing knowledge.
    • Experience in framework development to make the framework more robust.
    • Experience in feasible/economical ways of automating test cases.
    • Experience in engendering test runs, test result analysis, test result reporting & verifying fixes through automation.
    • Experience in library components, dlls, executables for automated test case execution automated.
    • Experience with code coverage, code analysis, code profiling tools.
    • Experience of test development with positive and negative test scenarios.
    • Release control knowledge to ensure process steps are followed.
    • Collaborative in a team environment.


  • Experience of Web Page interface to MySQL
    • PHP or other web page controlling language
  • IP Networking knowledge (IP Protocols, OSI Model, 802.11, 802.3 etc.)
  • Experience with driver development (Platforms: Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android etc.)
  • Experience in continuous integration and continuous deployment.


Apply today with your CV and a cover email highlighting any additional information in support of your application to

pureLiFi does not accept unsolicited agency CVs.


Posted on: Thursday 31st August 2017

Close date: Friday 29th September 2017 

Salary range: Competitive salary on offer

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