The Li-Flame was publicly demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 2 – 5 March at the Scottish Development International stand.


The Li-Flame is the next generation of the world’s first ubiquitous high-speed wireless network solution using VLC. Li-Flame technology delivers data densities substantially greater than state-of-the-art Wi-Fi solutions and its inherent security properties eliminate unwanted external network intrusion. In addition, the merger of illumination with wireless communications provides a measurable reduction in both infrastructure complexity and energy consumption. Li-Flame delivers:

  • Half duplex communication with a 10Mbps downlink and 10Mbps uplink over a range of up to three metres with standard light fixtures; this results in a data rate density of 2Mbps per square meter
  • Full mobility (portable, battery-powered desktop unit) with high data rate due to dense installation of Li-Fi access points (APs)
  • Multiple users per Li-Fi AP, supported through multiple access, while retaining high bandwidth for each user
  • Secure wireless communications constrained by walls, eliminating the risk of signal leakage to external eavesdroppers
  • Safe wireless communication in environments where radio frequencies are undesirable or unavailable
  • More flexible construction environments with the elimination of communication cabling
  • An extensive range of wireless communication applications including and beyond existing Wi-Fi
  • cost-effective delivery of light and data via a single infrastructure



Multiple APs throughout an indoor space form an atto-cellular network, allowing users to move from one AP to the next without any interruption in its high-speed data stream

Li-Flame Ceiling Unit (CU)                                                                                             Li-FlameCU

  • Data and power via standard Ethernet port
  • Simple installation
  • Connects to an LED light fixture to form an atto-cell over a wide area
  • Multiple access
  • Handover control enables seamless switching between APs


Li-Flame Desktop Unit (DU)

  • Connects to client device via USBLi-FlameDU
  • 10Mbps infrared uplink to ceiling unit
  • Handover capable, allowing user to move from one AP to the next without losing the high-speed data connection
  • Transceiver swivel head can be adjusted by user to optimise the connection
  • Battery-powered and portable