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Cool Tech Award

pureLiFi win Digital Trends MWC Cool Tech Award

We’re pleased to announce that Digital Trends have awarded pureLiFi the Mobile World Congress “Cool Tech” Award. Digital Trends journalist Simon Hill Says “PureLiFi continues to work on miniaturizing the technology, improving the power efficiency, and boosting the speed, and we expect to see it evolve beyond dongles to be integrated into devices like smartphones in the next few years. This exc
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Harald Haas “Father of LiFi” on The Michael S. Robinson Show

pureLiFi co-founder and CSO, Professor Harald Haas will be on the Michael S. Robinson Show on Saturday 2:00pm-3:00 pm (EST). Check back for more details next week.  
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BT (British Telecommunications) is testing LiFi

BT has recently opened up about testing new LiFi technology and pureLiFi is providing them with the systems they require. This tier 1 telecoms provider has spoken to journalist Dan Worth from V3.co.uk about ongoing projects within their R&D centre at Adastral Park. Projects include IoT, 3D printing and LiFi. You can read the full report here.  http://bit.ly/BT-pureLiFi
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Alistiair Banham pureLiFi Sunday Times

Sunday Times: pureLiFi, a University spinout profile

On Sunday the 5th of February the Sunday Times asked the question; what should the UK be doing to support University spin-outs to grow and be the next Google or Apple? pureLiFi was at the centre of this article and referenced as an example of a company currently undergoing growth in the UK.  
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Bloomberg Businessweek: LiFi – Internet Using Light Waves

Wi-Fi networks dependent on radio waves are growing more congested all the time—and can’t be used everywhere—so various researchers and companies are betting light waves from LED lamps and overheads can also stream data and connect people to the internet. So-called Li-Fi technology, which uses a much more abundant slice of the wireless spectrum, is also more energy-efficient than Wi-Fi, though for now people need a s
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pureLiFi at Mobile World Congress MWC17

Join us where light becomes data: Mobile World Congress 2017

Imagine a world where every LED light could connect you to the internet.  Imagine LiFi we invite you to meet pureLiFi at Mobile World Congress from 27th Feb – 2nd March 2017, Barcelona (Hall 7 Stand 7B31). Experience the future of wireless communications through light. This is an exciting opportunity for us to demonstrate: The world’s first LiFi integrated luminaire The world’s smallest and fastest LiFi dongle Fluid
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’Father of LiFi’ receives world’s top award for solid state lighting technology

Professor Harald Haas, CSO of pureLiFi and Professor of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh, has received the International Solid State Lighting Alliance (ISA) Award for Outstanding Achievement in Beijing, China this November. The award, presented at the 13th International Forum on Solid State Lighting, relates to Professor Haas’s contribution to diversify the applications of solid state lighting (SS
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pureLiFi in Singapore working to implement leading wireless innovation

Singapore government’s IMDA opens up spectrum for LiFi trials Singapore takes global lead in emerging LiFi technology Trials could enhance Singapore’s competitive advantage   Edinburgh, 30th November 2016 – pureLiFi, the Edinburgh based tech firm pioneering LiFi technology that will revolutionise the future of wireless networks, has been working closely with Singapore’s Info-communications Development Media Authority
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pureLiFi’s Partnership with Lucibel results in the worlds first industrialized LiFi luminaire that enables Internet access through light

As result of a co-development partnership with the Scottish company pureLiFi, Lucibel presents the world’s first industrialized LiFi solution on the market LiFi (Light Fidelity) is a communication technology through modulated LED light that enables data exchange between a specific LED lighting fixture and a computer, making Internet access possible. The performance of this bidirectional broadband connection has
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