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pureVLC Announces Chairman Appointment, Board Changes and Name Change to pureLiFi

EDINBURGH, UK—October 16th, 2013—The Board of pureVLC, the communications technology company, announces that Professor Russel Griggs OBE has been appointed Non-Executive Chairman. He replaces David Kirk, who remains an adviser to the company. The Board also announces that co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Gordon Povey has left the company. The Board and Russel Griggs are overseeing the search for the correct le
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pureVLC Demonstrates Li-Fi Using Reflected Light

EDINBURGH, UK—September 10th, 2013—pureVLC today announced another breakthrough in the world of light fidelity (Li-Fi) by showing that it does not require a line-of-sight connection. In simple terms, Li-Fi is equivalent to Wi-Fi, but using light waves instead of radio signals. At the beginning of August, pureVLC announced the world’s first high-speed, bi-directional Li-Fi system as part of their revolutionary product
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pureVLC Demonstrates Li-Fi Streaming Along With Reasearch Supporting World’s Fastest Li-Fi Speeds Up To 6 Gbps

EDINBURGH, UK—August 6th, 2013— pureVLC today announced breakthrough developments and research that will take its products to new levels. At TED, in July, 2011, Prof. Harald Haas, world-famous scientist, professor at the University of Edinburgh (UoE), Chief Science Office (CSO) of pureVLC, and widely regarded as “the father of Li-Fi”, performed the first live demonstration of streaming video over LED light. Today, pu
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pureVLC Launches New Website

pureVLC Ltd. today launched their new website, which provides a first glimpse of their Li-Fi product range, a comprehensive overview of visible light communications (VLC) technology, along with news and blogs surrounding the company and Li-Fi research. With this step, pureVLC hope to further bolster customer engagement, and confirm its position as the leader in Li-Fi technology.
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pureVLC CSO presents Li-Fi on CNN International

pureVLC CSO, Professor Harald Haas, was invited to participate in the 1st edition of CNN’s “Make Create Innovate” show, which aired on 27 September 2012 as part of Quest Means Business. In a segment entitled “Li-Fi could be the future of the web”, it explored the question of whether  Li-Fi, a method of transmitting data wirelessly using LED, is the answer to the world’s problem of congested bandwidth?”
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