pureLiFi and Lucibel introduce first fully industrialized LiFi luminaire

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pureLiFi and Lucibel announce collaboration to introduce Europe’s first fully industrialized LiFi luminaire

Edinburgh, 25 November 2015 – pureLiFi, the light communications technology company that leads the market in development and commercialization of LiFi (the high speed, bidirectional, networked and mobile wireless communications using light) and Lucibel, the French company that specializes in the design of new-generation lighting solutions based on the LED technology, are to co-develop and market Europe’s first, fully industrialized LiFi luminaire.

The off-the-shelf solution, which will be produced at Lucibel’s industrial site in Barentin in France, will integrate pureLiFi’s innovative technology into a Lucibel LED lighting luminaire. The product measurably reduces the cost for the deployment of both communications and lighting services into a single integrated infrastructure. Additionally, LiFi increases the security, localization and overall capacity of wireless communications systems.

The partnership with pureLiFi enables Lucibel to deliver communications solutions to its customers as part of their lighting offering. This marks a world’s first by leveraging the converging business models of the lighting and communications industries.

Harald Burchardt, pureLiFi’s COO, said: “The partnership we are building with Lucibel provides an important channel to market for pureLiFi, with a view of the longer-term infrastructure roll-out of the technology. The numbers demonstrate that LiFi is rapidly moving from a predicted emerging technology to one that has real life applications across multiple sectors.”

After the integration and industrialization activities are completed, the product is expected to go to market by Q3 2016.

The first installation of this LiFi luminaire will be at the Sogeprom’s headquarters in La Defense in Paris. Sogeprom, a subsidiary of Societe Generale and a major property developer, is looking at LiFi to provide the next generation of wireless connectivity for their customers.

Pierre Sorel, Sogeprom’s Deputy CEO, comments: “We take the challenge on innovation at all levels. The installation of high bandwidth LiFi in our offices goes fits that vision and perfectly fits with our client’s demands of increased mobility, system security and connectivity.”

Frédéric Granotier, Chairman and CEO of Lucibel: “This partnership with pureLifi, who is the European leading technological actor in LiFi today, allows us to have a real advance regarding innovation and development of new value-added lighting offers for our customers”

Professor Haas, pureLiFi’s Founder and CSO said: “The collaboration with a lighting manufacturer such as Lucibel is an important milestone as it signifies that the lighting industry embraces the new ground-breaking business opportunities that LiFi will enable – these opportunities are on a similar scale as the photography industry’s move from analogue to digital technology.”


About pureLiFi

pureLiFi is a light communications Technology Company formed in 2012 as a spin-off from the University of Edinburgh to create OEM components, including LiFi drivers and receivers.

pureLiFi has recorded year-on-year quarterly revenue increases of over 300 per cent against Q3 of 2014 and significantly grown its international customer base around the world with international partnerships in place with organizations such as Cisco, Rolls Royce and Independence Blue Cross.

‘LiFi: the vision’, a short video about LiFi, is available on the website.

About Lucibel

Lucibel is a French innovative company, designer of new-generation lighting products and solutions based on LED technology marketed in over 25 countries. For more information, please visit company website at www.lucibel.com.

Press enquiries:

Nikola Serafimovski media@purelifi.com + 44 (0) 7835 164 871

Follow pureLiFi on Twitter @purelifi

Edouard Lebrun edouard.lebrun@lucibel.com +33 (0)6 27 25 08 71

Notes :

  1. Visible Light Communications (VLC)/Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) and Free Space Optics (FSO) Market report back MarketsandMarkets, July 2014
Nikola worked with major companies in the area of Li-Fi technology and commercialisation, leading the creation and cultivation of the Li-Fi ecosystem, marketing, sales and standrdization. His experience with T-Mobile and T-Home in Macedonia focused on mobile network deployment and analysis as well as database app development. Nikola worked for the UK-China Science Bridges project to successfully demonstrate the world’s first practical implementation of the Spatial Modulation MIMO concept. He received a BSc in electrical engineering and computer science and an MSc in communications, system and electronics, both from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. Nikola earned his PhD in digital communications and signal processing from the University of Edinburgh.
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  2. fixitupjohn1@yahoo.com'
    john gruber Reply
    yes,,are you listed on the stock market..ty,,john gruber
    • Nikola Serafimovski Reply
      We are not listed since we are not a publicly traded company yet. However, we are looking forward to an IPO in our future!
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