aeroLiFi a pureLiFi partner is demonstrating it’s cabin LiFi solution at AIX

pureLiFi partner aeroLiFi who specialises in LiFi solutions for the aerospace industry, is exhibiting at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX). aeroLiFi will present a demonstration of a multimedia LiFi network for an aircraft cabin. Merging standard LiFi technology components with latest innovations made in multicast network protocols to show the first all optical multimedia IFE solution for aircraft cabins.


Read aeroLiFi’s announcement below:

Aircraft Interiors Expo, Hamburg, 2 April 2019 – LiFi is coming to the aircraft cabin, thanks to aeroLiFi. At Aircraft Interiors, aeroLiFi is showing its demo of streaming video to multiple screens using LiFi.
LiFi uses both the visible and invisible light emitted by LEDs to transmit IFE data and an Internet connection. It doesn’t require complex infrastructure: it just needs the server and backbone, with LED lights to transmit and receive data. Every LED bulb is a potential access point.

Birger Timm, Managing Director of aeroLiFi, said, “LiFi provides a stable communications link that doesn’t degrade and that has enough capacity for each passenger to stream HD and 4K content. We do that by reducing the number of people using each cell, giving airlines the ability to provide a consistent data stream to a lot of people in a small area.”

LiFi is both safe and secure. Because it uses light waves and not microwaves, it does not contribute to electrosmog. It is also very hard to hack because it depends on a line of sight connection.
Timm continued, “It’s not impossible to hack into a LiFi network, just very hard. You have to get between the light source and the receiver. In an aircraft, that effectively means you need to be sitting on someone’s knee and that’s very noticeable.

“In fact, LiFi is so secure that it is already being looked for use in the cockpit for flight critical applications.”

LiFi can use both visible light and infrared. Therefore, access points can continue working during the plane’s local night. Timm concluded,

“LiFi is perfect for the aircraft cabin because it requires minimal physical infrastructure, it provides stable and consistent data transmission, and it’s safe.”
aeroLiFi has integrated Cadami’s coded caching technology into its solution. This helps increase the stability of the solution, as well as the size of the video content library available.

The caching element also means the content will not be interrupted if the light source is blocked for some reason, for example someone walking along the aisle putting their hand over the receiver.
aeroLiFi is showing its LiFi demo at the Aircraft Interiors Expo at booth 4A04 in the IFEC Zone.

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The Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019
Passenger Experience Week consists of four leading events with one goal – to define the future of the global passenger experience. Comprising of the Passenger Experience Conference, Aircraft Interiors Expo, Passenger Technology Solutions and World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo.

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