LiFi has arrived. We've deployed projects in 20+ countries

A partnership providing specialist training to the telecommunications industry

Training the telecommunications industry A partnership between pureLiFi and Ubi-tech has been established to provide training for the corporate telecommunications industry.  [...]
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LiFi, a lifesaving technology in disaster operations

As part of an initiative to solve problems in disaster response communications Verizon, Aegex and Nokia brought together technology partners from around the world to collaborate on solutions.
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Introducing applications for LiFi to BT Defence

BT Defence is an established and innovative provider of ICT infrastructure and solutions to UK military, intelligence and security customers. BT teamed up with pureLiFi to deploy LiFi technology in their Adastral Park Facilities a few miles from Ipswich.
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LiFi Ready for its Moment with LinmoreLED

Linmore LED Lighting Labs is focused on developing LED lighting solutions that are in the top 1% of performance in any product type offered.  Ultra Performance Lighting is [...]
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A partnership creating LiFi history

LiFi as a complimentary technology to Wi-Fi, this smart and connected light is taking on a new dimension thanks to pureLiFi and Lucibel, enabling architects, property developers and tenants secure wireless connectivity.
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