LiFi demonstrated as a lifesaving technology in disaster operations

pureLiFi LiFi lifesaving technology

Verizon, Nokia & Aegex Technologies host event where LiFi shows it can sustain communications during a subway attack

Atlanta, Ga. USA. (14th June 2017) — pureLiFi, global tech firm and leaders in LiFi technology that aims to revolutionise the future of wireless networks, has been working alongside, Verizon, Nokia and Aegex Technologies, to demonstrate how LiFi can perform under disaster situations providing communication solutions when it is most critical.
At an event named Operation Convergent Response (OCR), held at the Guardian Centers training facility in the United States, pureLiFi demonstrated their wireless LiFi technology in a subway disaster scenario. LiFi technology was used to maintain, real-time, bi-directional communications that could enable communications with a command centre allowing the emergency services to maintain safe, reliable connectivity during a response.

Jeffery Schweitzer, Chief Innovation Architect, from Verizon commented:

“pureLiFi demonstrated that LiFi solutions could perform under real life operations and enable critical communications during response missions in chaotic and disastrous environments.”

The Guardian Center is a world class US training facility for disaster response units who can gain experience under real emergency conditions. The event featured technologies that could advance communications during rescue operations and ultimately save lives.

Aegex CEO Thomas P. Ventulett elaborates:

“Working with our technology partners like pureLiFi at this event truly showed the power of collaborative IoT solutions to solve complex problems in the most critical of operations.”

LiFi uses light rather than radio frequencies technology such as Wi-Fi and therefore can provide wireless connectivity in areas that Wi-Fi cannot such as power plants, petrochemical facilities, and hospitals. LiFi also eliminates interference because light can be directed. pureLiFi’s systems can be simply installed alongside existing lighting infrastructures making LiFi an ideal technology for anywhere light, and communications are required, such as industrial settings. As demonstrated at the Guardian Center LiFi can also maintain safe and reliable performance under disaster situations.

Alistair Banham, pureLiFi, CEO adds:

“ LiFi provides uniquely reliable wireless communications in unpredictable conditions such as disaster circumstances. Due to the growing pervasiveness of LED lighting and the high speed, safe, secure and noninvasive qualities of LiFi the applications for this technology are limitless. LiFi will provide connectivity for our homes, our offices or public spaces and beyond.”

This novel test of LiFi technology reveals a particularly significant use case. LiFi cannot only unleash unprecedented data and bandwidth it can also offer reliable and robust connectivity when we need it most.

pureLiFi LiFi lifesaving technology

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PureLiFi is recognised as the world leader in light fidelity (LiFi) technology. The inventor of LiFi, Prof Harald Haas is the CSO and Co-Founder. LiFi is the use of light instead of radio frequencies for wireless data communication, and unlocks the capacity for unprecedented data and bandwidth.

The company was formed in 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland and currently offers the only true LiFi wireless experience. In 2016, pureLiFi released the world’s first-ever LiFi dongle as well as a LiFi integrated luminaire.

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