LiFi can provide Rapidly Deployable Non-RF Wireless Solution to Reduce Detectability and Increase Survivability

LiFi can provide inherent security for the battle field and office alike. pureliFi can provide mission deployable, no RF wireless communication solution for both the battlefield tactical edge and operational facilities. These solutions are Non jammable, fully cyber secure, and provide enhanced force protection and security. It also allows for rapid set up with low logistical impact.

Wireless technology to overcome the challenges of RF.

Military Grade Security

LiFi is compliant with DISA WLAN STIGs, building on the inherent physical security of containable light communications. LiFi is not vulnerable to eavesdropping through walls or tent canvas and is highly resistant to even close range jamming attempts. Designed to counter insider threats, data transmitted is only available to the right people in the right place.

Near Zero Electromagnetic Signature

If the enemy can detect it, they can target it.
Unlike RF communications such as WiFi, LiFi has an insignificant electromagnetic signature. Designed to operate in congested & contested environments, LiFi operates undetected and unimpaired in coalition or enemy controlled areas.

Unlicensed Spectrum

LiFi operates in visible and infrared light spectrum which is not subject to licensing in any country, ensuring that capabilities designed and deployed in one location can be easily replicated anywhere else.

Quick Deployment & Take Down

When minutes matter, LiFi delivers. In field trials, pureLiFi systems were up and running in tens of minutes compared to hours for Ethernet based comms, and were also much quicker to take down when it was time to move out.

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