Three LiFi Misconceptions

LiFi technology still might be a new concept for some. Therefore, we’re taking the opportunity to explain three key misconceptions about LiFi technology. Occasionally we still hear people asking questions such as:

“can you use LiFi in a dark room with the lights off?” or “can you use LiFi outside in bright sunlight”

Additionally, we often hear the term LiFi used to describe all sorts of light communications. However, real LiFi is bi-directional, fully networked and high-speed wireless communications using LED lights.


LiFi in Sunlight


LiFi can operate in daylight and even in direct sunlight conditions as the modulated light can still be detected. LiFi relies on detecting the fast changes in light intensity and not on the absolute or slowly varying levels cause by natural disruptions in daylight or sunlight. LiFi technology modulates the light at very high rates and sunlight is constant light and therefore can be filtered out at the receiver. Our team at pureLiFi has tested our receivers outdoors under 77,000 Lux of sunlight.


Turn Off The Light


The main misconception about LiFi is that if there is no visible light then there is no signal. Obviously, if all power to a light is turned off then there is no LiFi. However, LiFi technology can be enabled to dim low enough that a room will appear dark and still transmit data. There is consistent performance between 10 and 90 percent illumination. Currently, pureLiFi’s technology provides communications at light levels down to 60 Lux.

There are also other options for using invisible parts of the light spectrum such as infra-red, which is currently already being used for sending information back to the lightbulb (uplink).


LiFi Defined


LiFi is a particular variant of light communications. Real LiFi provides you with the king of wireless experience you’ve come to expect (and even better). LiFi is high speed bidirectional networked and mobile communication of data using light. LiFi comprises of multiple light bulbs that form a wireless network covering arbitrarily large areas where ever there is light. With real LiFi, you can move between lights, download videos and make Skype calls.

We hope this helps you understand LiFi technology a little better. If you’re interested in learning more please have a look at our frequently asked questions page

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