High speed communications up to 43Mbps from each LiFi enabled LED light.


USB Station that works with your USB 2.0 devices

Bi-directional & Full Duplex


The LiFi-X system is full duplex and bi-directional providing a fast and robust user experience.


Multiple users per LiFi access point (AP), supported through multiple access


Geofencing can be enabled for a single light, or a group of LiFi enabled lights.

Fully Networked for full Mobility


The LiFi-X system offers a fully networked LiFi solution, allowing for the user to handover between lights without interrupting the user’s wireless session.


Flexible deployments with an option of using both POE and PLC for the backhaul.


Safe, wireless communications in environments where radio frequencies are not suitable.

Light & Communications in a Single Infrastructure


A cost-effective delivery of light and data via a single infrastructure

LiFi-X Access Point

  • LED Agnostic supports a wide range of LED light fixtures to form an attocell network
  • Simple installation
  • Support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) or Power Line Communications (PLC)
  • Supports multiple access (multiple devices connect to each light)
  • Supports handover control enables seamless switching between Lights/Access points

LiFi-X Station

  • USB 2.0 powered
  • Truly mobile experience
  • Supports handover, allowing user to move maintain their wireless session
  • Uplink data rate 43Mbps
  • Downlink data rate 43Mbps

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At pureLiFi we are innovating LiFi technology and driving adoption. We launched the very first commercially available LiFi product to the market in 2013. Since then pureLiFi has launched three generations of LiFi systems that have spearheaded miniaturization and overall functionality of LiFi technology.

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