pureLiFi, the home of LiFi and co-founded by Prof. Haas, the ‘father of LiFi’, is recognised as the leader in the field – the use of the visible light spectrum instead of radio frequencies to enable high-speed wireless data communication and internet access. pureLiFi provides ubiquitous high-speed wireless access that offers substantially greater security, safety and data densities than Wi-Fi along with inherent properties that eliminate unwanted external network intrusion. In addition, the integration of illumination and data services generates a measurable reduction in both infrastructure complexity and energy consumption.


LiFi is a disruptive technology which will shift business models and create opportunities ripe for exploitation. The dominance and lifetime of LED lighting has created a need for new business models in the lighting industry. The need to offer services, including new payment and financing models, creates an unprecedented opportunity for LiFi.

The need for more capacity for mobile communications has an incredible impact on the need for more spectrum. Specifically, the pending decision on the auction surrounding the 700MHz part of the spectrum in the UK and the possibility of regulation of the unlicensed spectrum, where Wi-Fi and Bluetooth thrive, provide key indicators as to the urgency of the problem. LiFi operates in the unlicensed and safe visible light spectrum where the spacial reuse of bandwidth results in dramatic increases in the overall capacity of a wireless solution.

At pureLiFi, the home of LiFi, we aim to address and optimally exploit the opportunities presented by this disruptive technology in conjunction with our LiFi ecosystem partners.

Prof. Harald Haas Demonstrates Li-Fi


Prof. Harald Haas Demonstrates Li-Fi using Sollar Cells

Harald Haas - TEDGlobal 2015 - LiFi and Solar Cells