LuxLive Hosts Its First Li-Fi Demonstration

**Excerpt from an article published on  ce-pro.eu**


Making its debut at LuxLive last week, a live audience was witness to video content played via a Li-Fi internet connection, in the first ever demonstration at LuxLive of its kind. The experiment was carried out by Dr Harald Burchardt, chief operating officer at pureLiFi, a Scottish company currently developing and delivering Li-Fi solutions.

The Li-Fi system was connected via USB to a tablet. When Harald stood directly beneath the Power over Ethernet adapted stage lights, a network was quickly detected. 

Speaking to LuxReview, Harald notes:

“Li-Fi technology has the ability to widen the capacity of our wireless communication options.”


During his talk in the IoT Arena at LuxLive, Harald commented that he does not consider Li-Fi to be a replacement to Wi-Fi, but wished it instead to be viewed as a, ‘secure extension to already available layers of communication’.

Theoretically, Li-Fi is quicker than Wi-Fi, although currently this has only been proven in a lab setting. However, it does possess the scope to be even faster in the future.

The innovation is described by experts as a secure, electromagnetic, interference free solution, combining the security of a wired internet connection with the flexibility of Wi-Fi. This coupled with the potential for improved speed and encryption puts Li-Fi in good stead to be the next technology of choice.

**Full article published on  ce-pro.eu**